Himor ceramic foam filter

Ceramic Foam Filter Function

◆Product application range

Suitable for nodular cast iron, gray cast iron casting and copper alloy casting

◆Product function

1. Filter slag to reduce the harm of slag to castings.

2. Filter out the bubbles in the molten metal.

3. Rectification, so that the flow of the molten metal is changed from a turbulent laminar flow state, reducing the secondary oxidation and gas absorption of the molten metal, and improving the performance of the casting


1. The closer the placement position is to the casting cavity, the better, which reduces the chance of secondary oxidation;

2. The design of the gating system should be simple, and other slag retaining measures can be ignored, which can improve the utilization rate of the sand mold and the production rate of the process;

3. The working area of the filter should be 4-6 times of the blocking cross section of the gating system to ensure that the pouring speed is not affected;

4. Select the corresponding filter according to the type of casting alloy and pouring temperature, and should not be used over temperature;

5. Choose the right pore size to really achieve the filtering effect;

6. Filters cannot be used to control the pouring speed.

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