Flange is a part that connected to the end of pipe, and make pipes connected to each other.There are holes on the flanges, and bolts make the two flanges tightly connected. The flanges are sealed with gaskets. 

Flange Types We Make

Plate flat welding flange

Flat welding flange with neck 

Butt welding flange with neck Socket welding flange 

Threaded flange Flange cover 

Blind board 

Loose flange with neck butt welding ring 

Flat welding ring loose flange 


Ring groove face flange and flange cover 

Large diameter flat flange 

Large diameter high neck flange 


Butt welding ring loose flange 

Rotating flange 

Anchor flange 

Overlay/Overlay Flange

How to customize Flanges?

We accept all customization for the flanges.

Your drawings and requets.

Specs, dimension, material quantity, etc.

We design, produce and test.

Sample is netotionable, and accept video test..

Finish order and delivery.

We can arrange delivery by sea, air, train.

Himor Pipe Flange
Himor Flange
Pipe Flange

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