pellet die

Pellet Die

Pellet die is one of the core parts of feed and biomass pellet mills. The quality of pellet die is related to the safe and smooth operation of feed production, which is directly related to the appearance and intrinsic quality of feed, and relates to the efficiency of production and energy consumption. It is also an important link in the production of feed enterprises. 

Pellet dies and rolelr shells we make

We can make many famous models ring die & roller shells, such as:

SZLH,CPM, Buhler, PTN, Andritz Sprout, Matador, Amandus Kahl, Muyang, Paladin, Sogem, Van Arssen, Yemmak, Promill,etc.

We make all kinds of pellet mill ring dies according to customers’ drawing.

For Zhengchang pellet mill: SZLH250, SZLH300,SZLH320,SZLH350,SZLH400,SZLH420,SZLH508, SZLH678, SZLH768, etc

For Muyang pellet mill: MUZL180, MUZL350, MUZL420, MUZL600, MUZL1200, MUZL610, MUZL1210, MUZL1610, MUZL2010;MUZL350X, MUZL420X, MUZL600X, MUZL1200X(Especially for shrimp feed pellet, diameter: 1.2-2.5mm)

For Awalia pellet mill: Awalia 420, Awalia350, etc

For Buhler pellet mill: Buhler304, Buhler420, Buhler520, Buhler660, Buhler900, etc.

Other kinds.

How to customize Pellet dies?

We accept all customization for the pellet dies.

Your drawings and requets.

Specs, dimension, material quantity, etc.

We design, produce and test.

Sample is netotionable, and accept video test..

Finish order and delivery.

We can arrange delivery by sea, air, train.

pellet die
pellet die
pellet die
pellet die
pellet die
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