ceramic foam filter

Ceramic Foam Filter

Ceramic foam filter is a special technology applied for casting industry. It has a foam-like porous structure of ceramic products. Main characteristics are light weight, chemical stability, large surface area through-hole rate, corrosion resistance, high strength, good thermal shock resistance. We produce two shapes: round specifications and square specifications

Silicon Carbide Ceramic foam filter Advanced features

1. Ceramic Foam Filter can Filter waste slag to reduce the harm of slag to castings.

2. Reduce gas and inclusions that are contained in the casting.

3. Reduce the turbulence level of molten metal when filling the mold

4. Reduce surface defects in castings, and significantly reduce the rejection rate of casting.

3. Increase the compressive sealing of casting, increase elongation and tensile strength of casting, improved surface finish of casting, improve the mobility of molten metal, increase the filling capacity and the feeding capacity of melt.

4. Silicon Carbide ceramic foam filter can simplify the casting system, reduce the length of the lateral flow channel, improve casting yield.

5. Reduce the processing time and tool abrasion, improve surface quality of casting. 

Ceramic Foam Filter for Casting Uses

Ceramic foam filters main application is to filter the waste slag and bubbles during casting process. It is also suitable for copper, bronze, brass and other copper alloys, reducing the turbulence of the copper liquid and rectifying and purifying the molten copper liquid. Particularly that the filtered and purified copper castings have a significantly longer lifespan in high-demand or harsh environments such as marine ship turbines and chemical parts, and they also have good results for copper castings that require surface polishing. Foam ceramic filters also play an important role in the traditional copper industry, electrical and electronic copper industry and continuous casting and rolling processes.

How to customize foam ceramic filter

We accept all customization for the ceramic foam filters

Your requets.

Specs, dimension, material, quantity, etc.

We design, produce and test.

Sample is acceptable, and accept video test.

Finish order and delivery.

We can arrange delivery by sea, air, train.

Himor ceramic foam filter
Himor ceramic foam filter
Himor ceramic foam filter

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