How to use Ceramic Foam Filtration Slice for your industry?

The use of Ceramic Foam Filtration Slice is very important. We’ve listed 12 things to look out for. Please read carefully before use.

How to place Ceramic Foam Filtration Slice in correct way?

  1. We can place Silicon carbide foam ceramic filter in the gating system: sprue cup, lower end of sprue, runner, inner runner.
  2. The closer the placement position is to the casting cavity, the better, reducing the probability of secondary oxidation;
  3. We may not consider other slag blocking measures and deisgn the gating system simply. This can improve the utilization rate of the sand mold and the process yield;
  4. The working area of ​​the filter should be 4 to 6 times the blocking section of the gating system to ensure that the pouring speed is not affected;
  5. Select the corresponding filter according to the type of casting alloy and pouring temperature. And we can not use it at excessive temperature;
  6. Select the appropriate pore size to really achieve the filtering effect;

How to use Ceramic Foam Filtration Slice?

  1. We can not use the filter to control or affect the pouring speed. Although the filter has some effect on the pour speed, it cannot be used as a tool to control the pour speed. Its main work is still filtering and rectifying.
  2. In order to ensure the sufficient filtration of the molten metal, the filter must have a certain pressure head when starting the filtration to overcome the obstacle of surface tension. The size of the pressure head has a considerable effect on the starting of the filtration. Generally, it should be larger than 300 mm. The indenter of the casting should be correspondingly larger.
  3. We should seal the overlapping parts of the foam ceramic filter and the mold as much as possible to prevent the metal liquid from leaking from the gap. This does not have the effect of filtering. For some sand molds such as wet molds, the foam ceramic filter alone will easily cause the sand to fall off the part where we place the filter. In this way, a filter seat must be designed to support the filter so that the filter does not move under the impact of the molten metal. , to prevent sand particles from entering the cavity and metal liquid loss.
  4. Before using the foam ceramic filter, the dust on the surface and the internal fragments should be blown off with compressed air to avoid impurities contaminating the metal liquid.
  5. Avoid getting damp during transportation and storage, and store it in a dry environment. If necessary, bake it before use to make the filter fully dry.
  6. In addition, the filter is a fragile product and should be handled with care to prevent damage. We do rigorous testing on product packaging before shipping. After receiving the goods, the customer needs to pay attention to the protection work when handling.


Generally speaking, the usage of the filters are very important. As long as customers using the filters by following our instruction, they will work very well for your industry.

Ceramic Foam Filtration Slice
Ceramic Foam Filtration Slice


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