How to choose suitable metal foam filter

Metal foam filter also is called ceramic foam filter. It is the item to be used in casting industry. The filter has the function of filtration, buffering and rectifying in the casting process. So if you want to cast the good metal, metal casting foam filter is essential. However, there are total three types of metal foam filters, silicon carbide ceramic foam filter, alumia ceramic foam filter, and zirconia ceramic foam filter. So how can we choose the filters properly? Now HIMOR TECH gives you the answer.


  1. What kind of metal needs to be cast

We should confirm what kind of metal to cast firstly. If we want to cast iron, such as ductile cast iron, malleable cast iron, gray iron, and other cast iron. We need to use silicon carbide foam filter, and it’s working temperature can not be higher 1500℃. If we want to cast aluminium alloys and other Non-ferrous alloys, we should use alumia ceramic foam filter. Alumia ceramic foam filter’s working temperature should be lower or equal to 1100℃. If we want to cast high melting point metal alloys, such as steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel, we should use zirconia ceramic foam filter. The working temperature for this foam filter can reach up to 1700℃.


  1. What kind of metal foam filter shape required

Usually there are rectangles, squares and circles shape for the ceramic foam filters. If you need rectangles or squares shape, please tell us the length, width and thickness you required. If you need circles shape, please tell us the diameter and thickness you need. Further more, we can customize other special shapes according to your specific requirement. So if you have any needs, just tell us freely.


  1. PPI requirement

PPI means the pore density. No matter for silicon carbide foam filter, alumia foam filter and zirconia foam filter, the PPI range is from around 8 to 60.

After we confirm above requirements, we will get to know which fitler is the most suitable choice.


Himor TECH aims to produce high quality foam filter. If you want to get good foam filter, the material must to be good. We use qualified Earopean brand polyurethane material to make sure all the pores are uniform. It is very solid, so its rectification effect is very good. And its three-dimensional space is very uniform.

In addition, we have professional department of quality assurance. We will conduct a spot inspection on every batch of goods to see whether their hardness reaches the standard. Producing high qualified foam filters is our most important aim.

We will also add interlayer in our package box to avoid the collision and extrusion between the filters. Himortech is not only producing good products, but also ensure that the products are intact when they are delivered to customers. So if you are looking for metal foam filter, just send message to us. HIMOR TECH goods performance will give you great satisfaction.

metal foam filter
metal foam filter