Ceramic Foam Filter Size

Ceramic Foam Filter Size: The size are available in square, round and custom geometric shapes; sizes ranging from 10mm up to 500mm, and thicknesses from 10-50mm. The most common porosities are 10ppi, 20ppi, 30ppi. Higher porosities are available upon request. Custom-made cut-to-size filters are also possible. Common Size In Round Shape: 40x11mm, 40x15mm, 50x15mm, 50x22mm, 60x22mm, 70x22mm, 80x22mm , 90x22mm,100x22mm, 120x25mm Common Sizes In Square Shape:

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Ceramic Foam Brief introduction

A Brief Introduction Ceramic foam filter is a special technology. It has a foam-like porous structure of ceramic products, and its light weight, chemical stability, large surface area through-hole rate, corrosion resistance, high strength, good thermal shock resistance characteristics. Operating Principles Ceramic foam filter with a high temperature, corrosion resistance, resistance to molten metal erosion,

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